Serving hundreds of commercial clients,

from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

storage for military personnel at Elmendorf

We tailor our services to your actual needs. Options include:

  • Receiving freight and putting it in your unit.
  • Expanding or reducing your storage spaces
  • Phone, fax, and internet service.
  • Heated, unheated, & vehicle storage.

Full Service Records Management

  • Secure your records in your own room.
  • Access your records directly or use our retrieval and delivery service.
  • Extremely confidential and secure.


When we moved from another storage company to Best Storage it was like night and day. Best Storage is Fantastic! Incredibly clean! The managers are great to work with. Tens all the way around.

- Kali Bennett, The Waterworks

Our medical supply company stored at another Anchorage facility for 14 years before moving to Best Storage. The difference is amazing. At Best Storage, your staff is always ready to help us. You let us ship products directly to your company, and you call us every time a package arrives. This is huge for us. Your direct billing is great. There’s never been a problem. You guys are terrific.

-Laura Houston