Great Packing Tips For Your Anchorage Self Storage Unit

Discover new and effective ways of saving time and money when storing items in your Anchorage self storage unit. They are learning the do’s and don’ts of packing when it comes to storing items. In this article, we’re going to share a few tips to remember when moving your personal items into an Anchorage self storage unit.

Packing Tips For Your Anchorage Self Storage Unit

Do make sure that you seal your boxes well. This will prevent your items from getting damaged and fulfills the requirements of many moving companies. Some moving companies require their customers to have well sealed boxes before they transport them from your home onto a moving truck.

Don’t buy too many boxes. Make sure you know in advance how many boxes you will need for your move. Often times, people will buy too many boxes. Although it’s better to have more boxes, it can be very expensive. Make sure you know how many boxes you will need instead of taking multiple trips to the store. Also, make sure that you figure out how much packing tape you will need for your boxes. You don’t want to run out of tape during your moving day. You can purchase packing tape and extra boxes at your Anchorage self storage unit.

Other Tips For Various Fragile Items

Here’s something to think about if you’re packing lamps and storing them in your Anchorage self storage unit. Avoid using newsprint to wrap them up in because it can cause ink stains. Also, remove the lampshades and pack them separately if you can. Ultimately small sized lamps should be wrapped with wrapping paper and put into storage boxes. while the large lamp bases should be wrapped in padding – not wrapping paper. Padding will help prevent damage.

Packing Tip: Make sure you add extra padding by using packing paper. Whether packing Christmas, Easter, or Halloween decorations, there are a couple of ways you should pack your boxes.  In other words, you’re going to put extra paper in between your ornaments and other decorations to establish a firm cushion. This will help prevent wear and tear on your decorations. It’s always a good idea to read about packing tips for your Anchorage self storage unit.

Things To Avoid Storing In Your Anchorage Self Storage Unit

Think twice before you store food items such as, bread, milk, TV dinners and other perishable food items. They will not only spoil and rot, but can also attract bugs and other unwanted pests. Make sure that you never store food or drinks that can spoil. However, you can store non-perishables, such as canned foods that usually have a long expiration date. Other than that, you should avoid storing any kind of food in storage.

Flammable items, such as gas or propane should never be stored in your Anchorage self storage unit. If you’re storing lawn mower equipment or anything that requires gas, make sure that it is completely drained out. It’s very unsafe to store flammable items in a storage unit. This should be avoided at all costs.

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