Top 3 Tips on Moving to a Smaller Place

cost-saverCurrently, a phenomenon known as re-urbanization is happening across the United States. Couples and singles are moving from the outskirts of a metropolis and closer to its center. This usually means that people are going to have to downsize. And, there are some items that one just does not want to part with, whether these are family heirlooms, furniture, or a half of a wardrobe. The logical conclusion is that you will need to find a storage facility in Anchorage to safely house your items.

For example, look at the rapidly growing Anchorage area, from Midtown Lake to Dowling, the area is evolving quickly. With some of the worst traffic and most outrageous gas prices, many people want to move closer to work. Why not rent from a storage facility in Anchorage?

When orchestrating a move, things can be complicated enough between changing utilities and addresses, let alone actually finding a place then moving your stuff from its original location. Below are the three of the most important things to know when moving some of your belongings to a storage facility and the rest to your new home:

1. Do your homework.

Find a reputable storage facility. Check it out beforehand, and have everything set up. It’s not that different from finding an apartment.

2. Decide what goes where.

You need to sort through your belongings before you move anything. You will have to know how large of a storage unit you need from the facility. You can always add some more items to your storage unit if you have extra space. It is more difficult to do it the other way around.

3. Make these two moves separate.

By moving two separate times, you can avoid many of the following problems: Having to unpack a moving truck, get the items for the storage facility in Anchorage out, and repacking. Then coming to the sudden realization that you don’t actually have a large enough place to store your belongings. The solution would be to move your selected items into storage specials first, and then worry about the smaller place that you will actually be living in.

Once your belongings are safely locked in a storage facility in Anchorage you can finally give yourself a pat on the back and call it a day.

If you’re searching for a new storage facility in Anchorage call (907) 891-8008 or stop by one of our 6 locations, be sure to ask about our $29.95 move in special and our Free Move in Truck!

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