How To Select and Hook up an Anchorage storage U-haul

Moving is an exciting time and you want to be prepared to select and hook up your trailer correctly. Anchorage storage U-haul movers will find and provide you with the tools you need to get moving. It is important to do some research on how to properly hook up your U-haul trailer safely.

Anchorage Storage U-haul wants you to be safe when you have a trailer behind you.

The most important aspect of a safe trailer experience is you, the driver. The next thing is you have to learn everything about the trailer you will be towing. Some trailers have breaks and some do not. You want to make sure you choose to tow the trailer correctly based on if it has brakes or not. For added safety all trailers should be equipped with safety chains. You want to make sure you attach these correctly.

The first step is matching your towing vehicle with the right size trailer. This can be done by referring to the car owner manual, the trailer owner’s manual or the rental contract at Anchorage U-Haul. You want to check the empty weight of your vehicle to determine what correct size trailer to choose. The weight of the trailer vehicle can’t be too heavy for the towing vehicle. If you are still not sure double check with the company that you are renting it from. Make sure to consult the storage facility of any directions you need to follow when picking up your Anchorage U-haul. Anchorage movers will want to make sure they tow the trailer safely.

You want to make sure that all of the brake and turn signal lights are working on your trailer. Make sure to check them before driving and when you stop to get gas. It is important to make sure you have sufficient tire pressure before pulling the trailer and at anytime if you hear noises that do not sound right pull over immediately and assess the trailer. These are just some of the the safety tips to follow when towing an Anchorage storage U-haul trailer. Anchorage residents will want to apply these rules when pulling a trailer.

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