Best Storage Alaska’s Storage Units Keeps Items Safe

familyA week, a month, a year – regardless of how long you plan to store your personal belongings, the best storage unit Anchorage residents can find is at Best Storage Alaska. We will make sure your items remain safe and sound. We understand that when it comes to moving from one place to another or simply doing some major reorganizing at a current place of business or residence, excess items can often be the result. There’s no need to sell off or donate possessions with sentimental value or future use. Instead, keep them nearby in a clean, convenient and secure storage unit in Anchorage, to be easily retrieved whenever the time is right. It’s the perfect solution to avoiding clutter.

Best Storage Units in Anchorage

Companies that offer storage units in Anchorage like Best Storage Alaska is a leading provider of such solutions. Our checklist for each and every customer starts with the importance of security. From the right lock on the storage unit door to the integrity of the building structure and closed circuit security system, everything is arranged and set up to give customers’ peace of mind. Bright yet unobtrusive lighting is also on display throughout each hallway and entrance-way.

Also on the checklist is the importance of maintenance. This means everything from making sure locks on each unit are in proper working order and not rusted, to keeping all areas outside a customer’s locker clean and free of pests or vermin. In the latter case, once again, every effort is made to use only the safest and odorless compounds. Customers will never notice the measures in place to keep critters and bugs away, which is as it should be.

The same goes for humidity and temperature control. Along with elements of security and pest control, it is critical for stored possessions to be kept in an environment where the temperature is steady and the dampness kept to a minimum. At a storage unit in Anchorage, you can count on having temperate air conditioning in the summer and gentle, proper heat in the cooler months.

In addition, we offer storage insurance to help provide your belongings with added protection. In addition, we also provide moving boxes, packing tape and other moving supplies. To find out more information about our storage facility, feel free to contact us at: (907) 891-8008. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our storage units.

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