Anchorage Self Storage Unit: Move in for just $29.95 Today!

cropped-family.jpg.pngChoosing a self-storage location can be a little frustrating. However, Anchorage Self Storage Unit companies like Best Storage Self ranks high when it comes to one of the most important evaluating factors for such a business – years of successful operation.

Anchorage Self Storage at Best Storage Alaska

The best Anchorage Self Storage companies has several years of industry experience, due largely to the fact that they take pride in offering the safest, cleanest and friendliest self storage facility possible. The checklist of critical success factors is always at the forefront of every employee’s dealings with customers, be it attention to detail or asking all the right questions to help a customer select the most appropriate unit for their needs.

The TV show Storage Wars has brought a whole new level of exposure to the self storage business. But at reliable Anchorage Self Storage companies, things operate the same way now that they always have. The owners and employees run it with military-like precision, so as to be ready at any time for the customer equivalent of a “surprise inspection.”

Equally important to Anchorage Self Storage companies are the areas surrounding the actual physical storage units. It’s not good for a truck hauling fragile cargo to navigate a road with pothole. Nor is it wise to expect people to feel comfortable leaving their valuables at a place with improperly landscaped frontage. Everything from gravel road counts to paint jobs to night lighting – Anchorage Self Storage companies are constantly monitored on a 24 hour basis.

The same goes for pest control. Next to proper ventilation and temperature control, nothing is more important to self storage success that keeping termites, mice, rats, moths and the like far away from storage units. Nothing would be more embarrassing than showing a customer around and a unit is infested with bugs. When you think of quality storage companies, you should think of no hassles and no surprise.

Before choosing a storage company, it won’t hurt to visit the storage facility beforehand. That way, you can tour the area of your storage unit.

Do you need a new storage unit to house your personal belongings? Are you looking for a storage space on a temporary basis or a long-term basis? Call (907) 891-8008 to find out more information regarding renting a reliable self storage company in Anchorage, Alaska. A friendly and knowledgeable representative will answer any questions you may have regarding storage rental units.

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