Anchorage Self Storage Facility

At Best Storage Alaska, we offer our customers the very best deal on storage contracts without hidden fees. Customer service and appreciation is what our company is all about. Affordability and generous move-in discounts are our way of saying THANK YOU for choosing us! Not only do we have great specials, but also provide a complimentary one time use moving truck and driver as well. This feature allows us to help our customers move their belongings into our Anchorage self storage facility. Not to mention, the entire moving process is fully insured.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Need For A Self Storage Unit

Sometimes, the lack of space within a home or a business can become a real problem. There simply isn’t enough room in the closets or garage for those precious keepsakes, the ATV, motorcycle, or important documents. An Anchorage self storage facility will offer nicely constructed storage units to keep belongings safe. Therefore allowing a person or business to keep their belongings instead of having to discard them.

It’s important to note that the cold winters in Anchorage means possible damage to sensitive items. That’s why a heated unit that is located interiorly is a great option to keep a unit secure and weather tight. Although more costly, Best Storage Alaska provides superior self storage units at an affordable price. We offer several different unit sizes, heated or unheated, at our Anchorage self storage facility.

Choosing The Best Anchorage Self Storage Facility For Your Storage Needs

Choosing the best Anchorage self storage facility for all your short- or long-term storage needs is easy. Best Storage Alaska’s affordable pricing and package plans are what make us the favorite among Anchorage residents. Our company has the largest selection of storage units of an Anchorage self storage facility. Our six locations throughout the Anchorage metro area means convenience for you. Not to mention, our locations are equipped with the latest in security technology.

We offer several different package plans that help fit each individual customers storage needs. Each of these includes a free truck and driver, in-home contract arrangements, and assistance for military families. Best of all, there are no hidden fees with our contracts. There are no security deposits, no full-month billing, and no administration fees. You will receive a pro-rated monthly bill if you remove your items anytime during the billing period. Giving customers a contract that fits their time needed for storing belongings.

Contact Best Storage Alaska today with any questions or concerns at (907) 561-5585. Or if you wish to complete your Anchorage self storage facility rental, call (907) 891-8008.


Best Storage Alaska Facilities Offer 4 Special Options For Customers

Best Storage Alaska Facilities Offer 4 Special Options For Customers

Best Storage Alaska facilities offer special options for their customers to suit individual storage needs. Special packages include the Stress Free Package, Cost Saver Package, Military Package, and Business Package. Read more for information about each special package offered to find out what best suits your storage needs.

The Stress Free Package

Moving can be a stressful time. But, storage may help with the stress by allowing you a safe place to hold your belongings. Drop by one of our six convenient locations and we can help you pick the size and kind of unit that best suits your storage needs. Or, to make things even easier, we can bring the rental agreement to your home.

Plus, renting with Best Storage Alaska facilities includes a one time use of their truck and driver. That’s right, the driver will bring your things to a unit that’s just right for you! Speaking of stress free… need a ride to or from the airport? No problem, just let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

The Cost Saver Package

Why pay for more space than you really need? Best Storage Alaska facilities offer the largest selection of heated and unheated units in Alaska. Save money by selecting the unit that best suits your storage needs and budget. You can also avoid the cost of renting a rental or moving truck and driver. Hence because it’s included with Best Storage Alaska facilities.

Did we mention that just $29.95 covers your first month’s rent and moves you in?! This includes any size unit, whether heated or unheated. And if you’re concerned about hidden costs and fees, don’t be. There are none! No administration fees, sign-up fees, or security deposits required with Best Storage Alaska facilities. Plus, when you’re ready to move out, we’ll refund any unused rent.

With six facilities and the largest selection of units in Alaska, we can offer, day in and day out, the best price for a comparable unit. Best Storage Alaska facilities even guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied after 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

The Military Package

Best Storage Alaska Facilities are designed with military families in mind. Not only do we offer military discounts, but our facility is located just two blocks from the Elmendorf Gate. Making storage a convenient and favorite choice for our valued military service members. Units are ultra clean and provide only the best security options. Our facilities also offer High Security Vehicle Storage.

The Business Package

Best Storage Alaska facilities tailor services to a customers actual needs. This includes serving hundreds of commercial clients, from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Some of these tailored services include:

  • Receiving freight and putting it in your unit.
  • Expanding or reducing your storage spaces
  • Phone, fax, and internet service.
  • Heated, unheated, & vehicle storage.

Full Service Records Management services include:

  • Secure your records in your own room.
  • Access your records directly or use our retrieval and delivery service.
  • Extremely confidential and secure.

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